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Advent Day 7: Love That Calls You Home

By • December 07 2020

As a child of the 60’s, I grew up sans modern technology and everything that comes with it. I remember pretending to talk to my friends on imaginary interstellar walkie-talkie-ish devices like the ones we saw on Star Trek, the closest things to cell phones we’d seen. When I got older and attended the UW (Go Dawgs!), I got really excited when my sorority sister let me use her fancy typewriter with the built-in correction ribbon. We’ve come a looooong way since then!

Since we didn’t have electronics to entertain us and endless cartoons to watch on TV, my sisters and I daily practiced the dying art of playing outside, often even if it was raining. On any given day all the kids in our neighborhood roamed the streets, the green belts around us, the pond through the woods, and each others’ yards, free from the tyranny of the all-mighty electronic kingdom and all of its pressures and demands.

You might be wondering how my sisters and I knew it was time to go home. You won’t believe it, but this is how it happened: We heard our mom’s voice ringing out over the din of whatever game we were playing with our friends, a few barking dogs and singing birds, as she stood on our front porch and called, “Kelli! Hayley! Amy! Time to come home!” Our ears were attuned to her loving voice, so when we heard her calling us, we went home.

Today, God is calling to you. He is calling you home, to Himself. Isaiah 65:1 says:

“I was ready to be sought by h those who did not ask for me; I was ready to be found by those who did not seek me. I said, ‘Here am I, here am I,’ to a nation that was not called by my name.” (ESV)

If you’re not attuned to His voice, it might be a bit harder to hear Him, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t trying to get your attention. If you want to try to hear Him, shut out whatever “noise” might be preventing you from hearing His voice, get to a place where it’s quiet, and listen. He loves you and wants you to come home to Him.

Happy December 7th!

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